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Grief is a normal response to the loss of a loved one. When someone important to us has died, we mourn the loss of the relationship as well as the loss of the person. We at Hospice of Westchester understand that grieving can take many forms. Each person’s grieving process is unique, depending on the personal relationship you had with your loved one and your life experiences. Your grief is personal but you do not have to grieve alone.

At Hospice of Westchester we offer a wide range of Bereavement Services. Professional bereavement care is offered to all members of the community in addition to our patient families. Our bereavement program operates primarily on funds from contributions and grants. Your support is deeply appreciated.


Support Groups

Participation in a support group has been shown to be one of the best ways to help those who are grieving the death of a loved one. People who have experienced similar losses are brought together in an environment of safety, care, compassion and commitment. These groups can help you realize that while the feelings you are experiencing are uniquely yours, they may follow a similar path to that of others. In this supportive setting you may be able to understand and work through your grief.

All of our support groups are facilitated by professionals with experience in grief counseling. Groups are loss-specific, run for 8-10 weeks, and are repeated every few months. An assessment is required for group participation. Current groups are:

  • Adult loss of Parent or Siblings – evenings
  • Loss of Spouse or Life Partner – daytime
  • Flying Solo – for women who have been widowed for at least one year, with the focus on adapting to both challenges and opportunities in their new lives.

Individual Bereavement Counseling

Individual bereavement counseling is often suggested during the early stages of grief. Counseling is available to hospice families and community members after a required assessment. Bereavement coordinators are available to help you through what can be a difficult transition after losing a loved one.

Special workshops and events

  • Coping with the Holidays — Holiday time can be difficult when grieving. We offer an annual workshop to provide support and suggestions to help you through the holidays in November and December. You can choose to attend a workshop either in November during the day or in December in the evening. Please call for days and times.
  • Memorial Butterfly Release — A Celebration of Life Gathering — For many years Hospice of Westchester has held an annual memorial service for both our hospice families and the community. Memorial Butterfly Releases are held in early June at The Wainwright House in Rye. This Ceremony provides an opportunity to honor our loved ones with the release of a monarch butterfly.

All our services are provided at:
Hospice of Westchester
1025 Westchester Avenue, Suite 200
White Plains, NY 10604


— This independent site provides information about and assistance for sitting Shiva.
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Celebration of Life Butterfly Release from Tom Warren on Vimeo.

Bereavement Information:

Karen Dreher, LCSW-R
(914) 682-1484, ext. 130

Kim Gordon, LMHC, CT
(914) 682-1484, ext. 163

Bruce Page, MAT, Mdiv
(914) 682-1484, ext. 118